Home Assistant

My Raspberry Pi "Server" Rack

Description for Nerds:
This group of DIN rail mounted Raspberry Pi's consists of (L to R) Pi-Hole DNS redirector to block ads, MQTT Broker and Node Red server, and the Home Assistant machine along with its 128GB SSD. The power supply is 5v @ 18 amps, so plenty of juice to add on. The minimum machine recommended for Home Assistant is a Pi4, but I refuse to pay the ransom required to get one released from the gougers. Home Assistant has its own SSL certificate required for remote access and integrations with Smartthings cloud services. I may invest in a local ZigBee dongle to eliminate reliance on the cloud.

Description for the technically challenged:
A collection of objects with various colored lights connected together with scary looking wires.

An Art Critic's View:
An interesting arrangement of futuristic yet primitive looking objects accented by a pleasing array of lights. The cold exterior hides what can only be sensed as an organic, living creature with unknown intentions.

My Dog's Interpretation:
Lick lick, not edible. Sniff sniff, not alive. I'll pee on it as a warning to other dogs that this thing belongs to me.