My logs have been imported to Google Apps spreadsheets. I could not believe how easy it was. The import function even detected one field as date/time formatted.

I had already passed the Advanced Class exam before my Novice license arrived in the mail, so I operated as WN4ZCM for only a few days. My first contact was made in front of my Electronics Engineering class at DeKalb Tech (Clarkston, GA). We had an inverted "V" antenna, the receiver was a Hammarlund HQ-180 and the transmitter was my first homebrew putting out a whopping 8 watts using a horizontal sweep tube from a TV. Even before my first contact I was able to send and receive CW at 20 WPM, My Elmer was right there with me to provide moral support.

The use of WB4ZCM was interrupted by my Air Force service so chronologically, here are the call signs I used:

WN4ZCM - Conyers, GA
WB4ZCM - Conyers, GA
DA1QU - West Berlin, Germany
WB4ZCM/0 - Fortuna AFS, ND
WB4ZCM - Conyers, GA, Marshall, NC, Johns Island, SC
AC4PL - Johns Island, SC
WT4Y - Wesley Chapel, FL

Some of the logs take a few seconds to load, so have patience.